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Equipping people is an important part of what Options does. We regularly present the following courses:

  • Level One - An introduction to Options vision and mission

  • Equipped to Serve - Developing the mindset and skills to help people in crisis

  • HIV Care & Education - Empowering people to understand HIV and care for people who are infected and affected.

  • Legacy Dad - Impacting young dads to be good fathers

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We love going to schools to facilitate classroom discussions with youth. "Undiluted" is one of the tools we use to impact teenagers before they need us.

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Once a year we co-present an event called "Hope for the Journey", an international simulcast conference that equips parents, counsellors, social workers, and others to work with kids from difficult backgrounds and/or trauma using TBRI (Trauma Based Relational Intervention) understanding and skills. This conference will take place in April or May 2022. Contact us for more information.

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