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Income Generation

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Financial stress is a major pressure for some of our clients so we have some projects that equip and empower them to take their next steps. 

Currently we have three projects:

  • The Card Workshop: Our "cardies" make beautiful hand-crafted African cards that are sold around the world! The profit for each card goes directly to the woman who made it to help her create income.

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  • Amacici Jewelry: Amacici means "earrings" in Xhosa (one of our local languages). Our group of women make jewellery, and as with the Card Workshop, the profit made on each item goes to the woman who made it!

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  • Mthungu Sewing: Due to Covid-19, this cause has been put on hold for now. But we did have the privilege of gifting Shireen (who previously completed our course) with a sewing machine!

Purchasing Cards and Jewellery makes a difference! Visit or contact our office for more details.

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