Income Generation

A major factor influencing decision making during a crisis is financial stress. To support our clients we have a few skills development and income generating projects. These provide clients with the opportunity to learn a skill and/or  provide an income for them and their families. 

Currently we have three projects:

  • The Card Workshop: Our "Cardies" have connected with us for counselling and are committed towards establishing a sustainable future. The women learn how to make beautiful hand-crafted cards that are sold around the world on their behalf. The profit generated from each sale goes directly back towards the woman who made the card.

  • Amacici Jewelry: Amacici means "earrings" in Xhosa (the language that many of the women in the workshop speak). This group meets once a week after they have attended their support group. They spend the afternoon making beautiful jewelry that is sold on their behalf and just like with the Card Workshop, all profit made goes back towards the ladies.

  • Muthungu Sewing: Trains men and women in basic sewing skills. This course empowers them to find a job or become an entrepreneur in order to generate an income.  

Purchasing Cards and Jewellery makes a difference! Visit or contact our office. For those in the USA, Branch Out Market sells our cards online, to visit their store click here.