We value people and focus on improving the quality of life for clients who are facing HIV. We offer various services that relate to HIV/Aids:


  • We start with free testing and counselling 

  • We have support groups for individuals who are affected by the virus.

  • We teach expecting mothers how to take care of themselves and how to prevent their unborn babies from contracting HIV/Aids.

  • We have income generating programs 

  • We aim to equip individuals to have long healthy lives, encouraging the use of Antiretroviral medication, living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their bodies!

Options also offers training on HIV/Aids, see our Training page for more information on this.

We are also available for workshops and/or testing at other locations. Should you or someone you know need an HIV test, counselling or support please visit us or make an appointment to see one of our specialised counsellors.