Support Groups - We recognise that ongoing support is vital during and after a crisis. We aim to empower, equip and support people who are facing various difficulties. 

We have multiple support groups that meet on a weekly basis. In these groups individuals share their struggles and successes with one another. Clients receive support and guidance to make the best of their current situations, to set goals for the future and to work towards achieving their goals. Group settings are used to facilitate growth in our clients lives, emotionally, relationally, physically and spiritually. The groups also enjoy a time of fellowship together where they share a meal.

There are support groups for:

  • HIV/Aids

  • Teen Parents

  • Single Mothers

  • Adoptive Families

  • Mothers of premature babies (at the George Hospital)

Should you want to join one of our support groups or find out more please contact our office or come visit us. 

Pantry - Not all our clients need practical supports, but for those who do our pantry makes a huge difference and brings hope. These clients, who have met with a counsellor, are gifted with care parcels made up by our dedicated pantry volunteers.

We also take hands with other local resources, giving our clients the most support we can.