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Our Story


The beginning of YFC’s Options Care Centre started with a phone call in November 1994 from a young woman in a pregnancy crisis who needed to talk with someone. Laurie, our Director, met with her in a local coffee shop and afterwards began to ask the questions, “Where would a young woman who is facing a crisis like this go? Who would she talk to?” Laurie discovered that there was a need for a place like Options…

Fast forward a few years to the official launching of Options in February 1997. Since then, we have reached out to many teenagers, young adults and families through counselling and many supporting projects.  After operating at 122 York Street for 21 years, we recently moved to our very own office at 54 Albert Street.

The vision of Options is to impact and develop youth and families facing a pregnancy or an HIV crisis.  We do this through building relationships with people, listening to their stories, and empowering them.  Decisions made in these times of crisis last a lifetime and it’s important to find help, support and information.

We do this through engaging, equipping and enabling our clients relationally, emotionally, spiritually and practically. We love God and we love people!

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