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HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, is affecting large numbers of people in Southern Africa including George.  Whether you have a lot of knowledge about HIV/AIDS or not, it is important to know your status and to become informed.  Having a test may be frightening but it is a positive step forward and we would encourage you to decide to go for it.  Individuals or couples are invited to make an appointment for VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing).  At Options, the process of meeting with a trained counsellor is confidential and takes about an hour.  The test itself is a rapid test and the results are presented to you within the hour of your appointment.

Are you at risk?  The HI virus is spread from person to person through:

  1. Sexual contact with an infected person
  2. Contact between infected blood or body fluids and an open wound, sharing needles, or a needle prick
  3. Mother to Child during pregnancy, delivery, or breastfeeding

The VCT appointment will be the opportunity for you to ask important questions and to discuss difficult issues.  Not only does VCT help you know your status but is a good time to stop, evaluate and plan for the future.

Through Options, you will also have immediate support from your counsellor if your test is positive.

Options has several Support Groups meeting weekly for people who are HIV+.  Your counsellor will be available for ongoing counselling and will link you with other local resources and medical services when needed.  Other resources within Options are also available.

Options offers HIV testing Monday – Thursdays from 9 am – 4pm or by special appointment.

Recently Mpho and Desiree Monare, who are both on staff with Youth for Christ, decided to test at Options.  Their pictures are here with permission to give you an idea of the process.  Your visit would be fully confidential

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hiv test

hiv test

hiv test