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As an organisation, Options relies on all kinds of donations so that we can reach our vision and mission.  We appreciate all of our donors who give of their resources on our behalf!

MONEY pays our rent, staff salaries, and project costs…not to mention the boxes of tissues and cups of coffee that are needed in reaching people in crisis.  Our greatest need currently is financial support.  There are a number of options for doing this…

Banking details in South AfricaDonations
Account name:  Youth for Christ Options George
FNB  Branch 210114 George
522 910 84 195
Swift:  FIR NZ AJJ

For USA donors (Tax deductable receipt will be sent)
YFC World Outreach (Edwall – Options Account)
P.O. Box 4478
Englewood CO 80155
www.Youth for Christ USA/Online donations
Select missionary/Edwall Options ministry #25236

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Donations of  “STUFF” is always welcome! The Pantry focuses on baby clothes and toiletries, other clothing (for men, women, teenagers, and children), and food.  Office stationery and household types of supplies are always welcome.  

For those who live in South Africa, a MY VILLAGE CARD will help you donate to Youth for Christ in George, of which some of the money will go to Options.  By using the card when you make purchases a certain stores, a percentage of your sale gets donated to us.  It’s really fun that your shopping can benefit us and doesn’t cost you anything except the extra minutes it takes to sign up for and use your card.

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