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You may be facing a great personal crisis because of the possibility or the awareness of an unplanned pregnancy. You don’t have to face it alone.



Options VISION is to impact and develop the lives of people facing pregnancy and HIV related crises.

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Areyouat Risk?

HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS, is affecting large numbers of people in Southern Africa including George

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Welcome to Options Care Centre

Welcome to Options Care Centre.  You may have connected with us because you are concerned that you or your partner may be pregnant.  We are here to help you and we’re glad that you have found our website.  For further information follow the “Pregnancy” link or contact us.

If you would like information about HIV/AIDS or you are concerned that you need to be tested for the HI virus, please look at the link called “HIV.”  You may already know your status; we would love for you to connect with us for additional information and support. You can do this by going to the “Contact” link.

Options Care Centre’s passion is people and by browsing through our website, we hope that you’ll get a feel for how we are impacting the community of George and the surrounding areas. Whether you live near or far we’d love for you to consider how you can also be involved with us in making a difference!

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